Join us at Sustainable Brands Istanbul 2015 as part of our distinguished faculty or in a discussion/collaboration leadership role to help us bring this year’s theme to life. As the storytellers of commerce, brands are in a unique position to help us build a cultural shared vision of a flourishing and sustainable future, and help to align the resources needed to get there.

Please take a look at the guidelines to the right of you before filling out the submission form below.

Important to Note:

To increase the likelihood that your nomination will be selected, please consider the following:

Proposals should provide unique, additive insight to current thought leadership around the successful establishment of sustainable brands.

Presenter or discussion leader should be the, or a leading practitioner or expert, in their company or field of study.

In the case of a plenary nomination, presenter should be prepared to provide exceptionally high quality visuals and speaking skills in support of their presentation.

In all cases, self-promotion will be deemed cause for exclusion from consideration at future Sustainable Brands conferences since doing so demeans the audience, the platform, and ultimately does not do the presenter or his cause any favor.

Nomination Deadline: March 16th, 2015.

Nomination Guidelines:

At Sustainable Brands, we seek to inspire, engage and equip brands to succeed by leading the way to a sustainable future. We look to our presenters to help achieve this throughe our varius sessions types planned:

Session Type




Pre-conference interactive learning experiences – some in classrooms, some ‘out in the field’


Dynamic, high level and innovative presentation on the main stage intended to build shared vision and alignment about issues and opportunities relevant to the community’s mission


Active, facilitated discussion on issue or case study designed to deliver actionable ‘instruction’, with participant Q&A