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Vice President Of Sustainability


Dirk Voeste, Vice President of Sustainability Strategy at BASF SE, is responsible for the development and implementation of BASF’s sustainability strategy, including its integration into the company’s business activities and decision making processes. His responsibilities also include the execution and application of Eco-Efficiency Analysis, sustainability measurement and evaluation, as well as stakeholder relations activities related to sustainability.

Dirk Voeste graduated with a Ph.D. in biotechnology and agricultural botany from University Bonn in Germany and a M.Phil. in Post Harvest Technology from the Cranfield Institute of Technology in England. After his studies he was the responsible scientist for the development of a closed equilibrated aquatic ecosystem in cooperation with NASA, USA. Since 1998 he has held various positions in the field of biotechnology, breeding and crop protection. At BASF SE Dirk previously held responsibilities in research as well as in global marketing functions. Among others he was Head of Sustainability and Product Stewardship for the Crop Protection Division.


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