Markus Laubscher Markus Laubscher


Program Manager Circular Economy 

Royal Philips

Markus is a program manager at Royal Philips, where he has been working on the company-wide business transformation program related to Circular Economy since 2013. In his role, he facilitates internally the implementation of pilot projects in the relevant business groups, tracks progress and assures knowledge management and capacity building. Externally, he builds and maintains partnerships with key organizations in the field, works with media partners and acts as content expert for policy development. Before taking on this role, Markus worked for 9 years with Philips in corporate R&D, venturing and innovation consultancy.

A native of Germany, Markus lived in the US, Spain, France and Switzerland before moving to the Netherlands, where he now resides with his wife and 3 children. In their spare time, the couple works on an off-grid mountain retreat in her native Bulgaria, where they organize workshops and volunteer activities on ecological lifestyle.

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